One off visit following the funeral to remove any wilted flowers and arrangements.

Wash gravestone/plaque.


Creating a small flower/bulb bed around the stone.

Extra charge for flowers, depending on requirements.


Re-planting of seasonal bulbs/flowers including weeding, adding soil and trimming grass around bedding area.

Extra charge for flowers, depending on requirements.


Re-colouring of lettering on stone/plaque
(dependant on condition of stone)


Replacement flower holders


Adding gravel/bark chippings etc priced individually depending on requirements and area to cover


Deep Clean

Please note that while every endeavour is made to rejuvenate the stone it is impossible to make an older stone look new and there will be normal ageing staining and wear.

No Power Washing Used


Any advice or repair work can be arranged for you with a local monuments stonemason.
Angus Council cut all grassed areas within all Angus Cemeteries.
Thoughtful Extra Touches